Let’s nominate your favourite fansite!

What is your favourite Paramore fansite? Can you think of one? Which one do you visit daily? It’s time to choose the best and nominate it for this year’s Paramore Year-End Voting. You can nominate your favourite Paramore fansite. How to do this?

fansite 2

1. Enter facebook.com/paramoreyearend/events and find the newest poll.
2. You can WRITE DONE (“add an option…”) names of fansites you wanna nominate OR you can SEARCH for them. Maybe it is already on the list!
3. Please check if the name of the fansite you are writing down isn’t already on the list.
4. Please be careful while writing down names of the fansites you wanna nominate. If you put a wrong name, your vote will not be counted.
5. You can nominate as many fansites as you wish but this fansite needs to be active!
6.¬†You can’t nominate fansite based on Tumblr and being already nominated for the Best Tumblr Fanbase. Check the nominees HERE.
7. Paramore’s official site cannot be nominated.
8. Everyone is welcome to follow Paramore Year-End Voting on Facebook!

Nominations open 7pm (UK time) Monday 17th November
Nominations close 7pm (UK time) Friday 21st November

Top 5 fansites, with the greatest number of votes, will be officially nominated. Paramore Year-End Voting starts on 14th of December. The project is supported by Fueled By Ramen and Paramore.